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Becoming Exclusive
The way to become an Exclusive Member is done by 3 ways, by way of the Depot....... https://fungamingnetwork.com/store/category/10-custom-membershipspackages/
1. Purchasing the Exclusive YouTuber Pack-$1.00 for 14 days/with renewal at $1.00.....
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3. By Purchasing the Exclusive Pack by itself-$1.00 for 14 days/with renewal at $1.00 ...Does NOT include 1 or 2
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Outside of the sub button and pinned stream, Being in the Exclusive Membership program, you also get these benefits too
Members get a Custom made badge that will make and have them stand out throughout the site to other members and to Guest that can view the site. Members will have access to a Forum & Club that only they can see inside and post in to talk and have fun, and much more that will soon be introduced! In our Discord Server, Members will get a special made role, will have their own channel to chat and socialize in, with more benefits to come soon! Be the only ones to receive FGN's Exclusive Button Panel that will have your Name on it, this Button can go on your stream overlay, your youtube banner, your youtube videos, and can be customized to be able to fit any social media profile/banner! Get a Custom Discount Code that you can use for yourself or pass out to your friends & Family to use on any Purchase throughout the site. 10% off on ALL Products  Get free Game Keys when available  Get Discount Codes to use in our Custom Clothes & Merch Shop.....when codes are available Become a Verified Member as long as your Package is still in Use. If you cancel or don't renew, then you will be moved out of the Verified member Exclusive members get a Higher Commission   
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    • Part 1

  • Title: Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy #4 | THE RAGE IS REAL
  • Description : Hey guys,
    First off I just wanted to thank everyone for being so patient with me. The last couple of weeks have flown by but have been extremely stressful to say the least. As my recording and editing time has been cut down significantly, my uploading schedule is going to be inconsistent for a while. As I don't want to make promises that I may not be able to keep, I will do my best to keep you guys updated as much as possible.

    Again, thank you for being patient with me.

    Don't forget to have a looky at my social medias:


User Feedback

15 hours ago, CrimsonStudios said:

Good work on the content my friend, you have a very energetic personality so keep that up it keeps the audience engaged!


I think you have some good stuff working for you such as your personality! One thing you can work on is upgrading your mic as you continue to grow to up that all important sound quality!


Also, make sure to add an element of branding into your thumbnail as it will help people become more familiar with you as you continue to grow! That will help you out in the long run!


With these videos being about 10 minutes long, make sure you're checking your audience retention to see that people are staying for the whole duration of the video and not dropping off! YouTube rewards audience retention, so keep that in the back of your mind when you are editing!


Hope these small tips help, keep working hard!

I do hope to some day get myself a proper mic for this sort of stuff, and also a PC set up to play better games.


I will definitely give the thumbnails some more thought when I get the opportunity


Thanks for the help, mate :D

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