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    This section will help you understand the YouTube part of Connection Gateway

    We encourage any and ALL YouTubers to join The Connection Gateway 

    We have a Videos system that members can share their content.

    In this app members can:

    1. Comment/Review

    2. Reactions

    You can add your current Videos, or share your past and current Videos. 

    Now, if you're adding and sharing your videos, that means that you are doing this to share, but to hopefully get some type of feedback, tips, advice, or a "good job" 

    Also you are doing this to grow your views, audience, followers, and the main thing-SUBSCRIBERS 

    Think about it...

    Q. If you're doing this, thinking this...Don't you think that the other members are doing the same?.......

    A. YES

    Yes other members want the same thing you want, so knowing this, knowing that you joined The Connection Gateway for support, Unity, and Collaboration...You should be giving back, or leading by example of what you want from others by doing it!

    No, you don't have to watch all Videos, no you don't have to sub to all members channels...But sub to some, watch a few, and give some comments, tips, advice, to other members. I guarantee that once members see you helping, they will help back......Again, they joined for support too, so they will be doing the same as you! 

    So that causes a chain reaction, a support circle, a unity, a Connection Gateway

    But i also promise this........If members see you that all you do is SPAM Videos, and give nothing back, you can't expect to grow, you can't expect everyone to support something or someone that doesn't even try to support back!

    So the best thing to do so you and everyone stays happy and feels wanted and supported, is to contribute what you want from others!

    With that also, we have given you a way to bring attention your YT Channel. When posting your Video, the member can post a link url that is clickable when viewing the Video! This will help viewers have access to your channel and can view your other awesome content.

    Now its on you if you don't take advantage of this, we are trying are best to make sure you get all the help and support you can get!


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