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Benefits of Becoming Exclusive

Becoming Exclusive
The way to become an Exclusive Member is done by 3 ways, by way of the Depot....... https://fungamingnetwork.com/store/category/10-custom-membershipspackages/
1. Purchasing the Exclusive YouTuber Pack-$1.00 for 14 days/with renewal at $1.00.....
     *You get a YouTube Sub Button that is fully Responsive, and in real Time for Members and Guest to be able to quick sub to your channel
2. Purchasing the Exclusive Streamer Pack-$1.00 for 14 days/with renewal at $1.00....
     **You get your Stream Pinned to the top of all the other Live Streamers, so you will be viewed first before the rest!
3. By Purchasing the Exclusive Pack by itself-$1.00 for 14 days/with renewal at $1.00 ...Does NOT include 1 or 2
Now comes the fun stuff!
Outside of the sub button and pinned stream, Being in the Exclusive Membership program, you also get these benefits too
Members get a Custom made badge that will make and have them stand out throughout the site to other members and to Guest that can view the site. Members will have access to a Forum & Club that only they can see inside and post in to talk and have fun, and much more that will soon be introduced! In our Discord Server, Members will get a special made role, will have their own channel to chat and socialize in, with more benefits to come soon! Be the only ones to receive FGN's Exclusive Button Panel that will have your Name on it, this Button can go on your stream overlay, your youtube banner, your youtube videos, and can be customized to be able to fit any social media profile/banner! Get a Custom Discount Code that you can use for yourself or pass out to your friends & Family to use on any Purchase throughout the site. 10% off on ALL Products  Get free Game Keys when available  Get Discount Codes to use in our Custom Clothes & Merch Shop.....when codes are available Become a Verified Member as long as your Package is still in Use. If you cancel or don't renew, then you will be moved out of the Verified member Exclusive members get a Higher Commission   
This also is the beginning of where our Endorsement/Referral Program starts...this is only the beginning
The Endorsement/Referral program is available to all members! 
******You will have to be a member for this and to see these Custom Membership Packs in the Depot
  • Check out Our Exclusive Packs in the Depot
  • Feature your Twitch Mixer.com Smashcast Stream
  • Get Fully Responsive Sub Button
  • Exclusive Members get 10% off ALL Purchases
  • Our Digital Game Store is Now Open!
  • Join our Affiliate Program Available to ALL Members
  • Apply for Sponsorship
  • Benefits of Becoming Exclusive
  • Grow With Us!

    We are the Only and Best Connection Gateway Site for YouTubers & Gamers. 

    Welcome to FGN, like most online sites you must register to view or post in our Connection Gateway, but don't worry this is a simple free process that requires minimal information for you to sign up. Be apart of FGN by signing in or creating an account.

    • Start new topics, post status updates, & reply to them
    • Follow topics and forums to get updates
    • Make your own Custom, Dynamic Profile page and make new friends
    • Follow members and get followed to help you connect and share
    • Make or Join awesome Gaming/Fan Clubs
  • We Sell Games


    We are Proud to announce that now we sell Games in the Game Store! https://fungamingnetwork.com/games/

    This new Feature will make it easier for Members to search for new Games and ones that they may have wanted, but the price was just too high else where.

    We will be filling it more and more as the days and weeks go by.....The amount of Games and Choses will be unlimited, just like you see anywhere else!

    Another reason why we have decided to sell games is because this will help us be able to bring some of the most advanced and custom apps that will benefit and help all members

    We have a Mobile App currently in Development, but as you all know. it takes ongoing money to bring the App to competition and in the release stage for All to use!

    We have made it possible that members can pay for Games with Money, or for Certain Games with Reward Points!

    This brings us to the Exclusive Package that members have obtained.!!!

    All exclusive members will get some pretty Good benefits that we disclose to them when they become that Group. But trust me, it will be worth it! :pb_ubergeek:

    We have some excellent plans, features, and updates coming your way, so please follow the news page and stay active,!


    This brings us to our Endorsement/Referral Program

    All members have Custom Links, or they can just give their Profile name to others for when they sign up, that will connect them to the Endorsement Program

    You can find your Custom Link in Member Account Settings

    Any member that you refer  makes a Purchase out of the Game Store or anything out of the Depot, you will earn a Commission out of the Price. Members can see who they referred out the Profile name share, in their profiles under the Tab Referer.

    Once you start to earn Commission, members can withdraw this money for real cash by way of their Account Credit tab. We do Payouts One time a week, and it doesn't matter how many members are on that list for Payouts, you all will get your money you earned to spend in the world as you see fit! 

    The least amount of withdrawal you can make is starting at $5.00, and the Max is unlimited

    Some may not want to withdraw the money, that is also good. Members who have money in their Account here on FGN can use it on Check out for any Purchase they make.



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