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    Have you ever wanted to make Club that's just for a particular game? Or a Club that's about Racing Bikes? Club about Your Clan? Or maybe even a Fan Club?

    Well now you can!

    If you are a Member, just look in the menu bar Forums & Clubs

    There you will be able to create some of the most awesome clubs out today!

    These Clubs will allow you to make members who join titles for them to be in, you make your Club open, public, closed, or even private!

    In each Club, the owner has the ability to enable some features that are here on the regular site, such as, Forums, Videos/Streams, Calendars for events

    These Clubs will be showcased throughout the site and members will be able to see the club, and request to join if you have your club settings set to that

    These Clubs can be great for Collabs, Connecting, Chat, Sharing, and more!

    You can make and Club you want as long as it's appropriate 

    Have fun and can't wait to see all the different Clubs that pop up!

    Happy Connecting 

    Edited by MrOneCall

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