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  3. The Keys to the Glass Desert

    Havent played this in a while. Its such a fun game. Great vid guys- really enjoyed it and have subbed
  4. What's gonna be the first Collab here on FGN?
  5. major moves are about to be made for and in FGN
  6. Yesterday
  7. seppelaury

  8. madgamer987

  9. utxcallmedhc

    Better late than never! Check out my first Horizon Zero Dawn video!
  10. Nex Machina Gameplay - First Time Gameplay

    Nex Machina Has just been released. I have uploaded a gameplay video of my first time playing with commentary. Can you survive the mechanical onslaught of hundreds of evil robots trying to obliterate any threat? Can you stop them from harvesting oblivious humans? In the vein of cult classics such Resogun and Robotron, Nex Machina is the ultimate top-down voxel shooter where everything can be blown up to pieces. Enter “the zone”, become one with the game and pull off the most incredible feats. Packed with opportunities to create your own playstyle, face tough challenges and engage in a ruthlessly competitive environment, Nex Machina is what arcade games deserve to be in the 21th century.
  11. Horizon Zero Dawn - Action Compilation

    Thanks for the review @KimmieCat!
  12. Horizon Zero Dawn - Action Compilation

    I have always thought this was a beautiful game. You have really captured the beauty and action that makes this game so fantastic. Loved the music.
  13. The Evil Within 2 Sequel Talk

    I really enjoy your reviews. From your pleasant voice to your spot on comparisons and explaination. Great job. Looking forward to this game myself
  14. Sound of the End - animated parody

    OH. MY. GOD. That was AMAZING . I love the vocals, the animation is pretty decent, and the choreography and layout had me spinning in my chair laughing (I love the dancing Endermen).
  15. The Evil Within 2 Sequel Talk

    oh this is sweet!!! You did your thing on this!!!
  16. First Play of Hitman

    Thank you buddy :-)
  17. The Evil Within 2 Sequel Talk

    The Evil Within 2
  18. First Play of Hitman

    You did good in this first run! Can't wait to see more....I luv Hitman, this game is addictive to watch and play!!
  19. The family!

    Haha thanks man, so true!
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