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  • Help Support Fellow Youtubers, Vidme & Streamers


    So you say you want to help YouTubers, Vidme & Gamers/Streamers?

    Well here are some tips on how you can help one another


    1. Make sure to actually view the video either here or on YouTube/Vidme

    2. Give a Like, Comment either here or on YouTube, Vidme, Twitch, Mixer, Smashcast

    3. When you do your Videos, or Live Stream, maybe at the end pick a YouTube, Vidme, twitch, Mixer, Smashcast channel to shout out

    4. On your Social Media Pages, Share links of fellow YouTubers, Vidme and Streamers

    5. When Viewing a Stream, stay in the channel for more than five min, actually letting other viewers know that you are their, and the Streamer 

    6. Once in the Stream, say Hi, or a supporting comment.

    7. The Stream channel you're watching, give it a Follow, and turn on notifications (Following a Channel won't hurt your Rep)

    8. Ask fellow YouTubers, Vidme and Streamers if they need any help, tips, advice...Give it

    9. Put out their that you're willing to do a Collab with other YouTubers and Streamers (This will only help you BOTH!)

    10. If you honestly like the YouTube, Vidme Video, Hit that Sub Button or Upvote Button...Maybe ring that Bell too!

    11. In your spare time, use the search engine of YouTube, Vidme, Twitch, Mixer, Smashcast, and find random people top support, watch videos, and like and comment.......Guess what, this is what you call Networking, Supporting, Connecting, that will end the end come back to find you!


    IF YOU USE THE SUPPORT 4 SUPPORT TOOL AKA Consistent Supporting of others to get Consistent Support back...YOU CAN'T HELP BUT SEE THE RESULTS!

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