Top 5 best mobile games to play this summer on iOS and Android

1 Endurance

Endurance is a sci-fi horror RPG and prequel to the hugely popular Ailment. It sees you working your way across a spaceship ravaged by a deadly virus that has now infected most of the crew, turning them into vicious zombies.

Despite the dire situation, there are still survivors out there who need saving, and you’re just about the only one left who’s capable of doing so. Thankfully, you’ll have a wonderful arsenal of explosive weaponry with which to explode, burn, and blast your way to victory.

This one also serves up an intriguing story that should appeal to fans of sci-fi horror classics, including Event Horizon and Alien. And while it’s not essential to have played Ailment, you should probably do so anyway if you want to get the full picture.

Endurance is a sizeable step above its predecessor, bringing new ideas and an expanded gameplay experience to the table, with improved level design, combat, and more. With it being a free-to-play game, there’s really no reason not to give it a go, especially if you’re a fan of the genre and want to see it done justice.

2 Slay the Spire

Slay the Spire was one of 2019’s finest games in any genre, and now it’s one of 2020’s, too, thanks to the arrival of a long-awaited iOS port.

MegaCrit’s roguelike card battler is as smart as it is tricky, with the game challenging you to scale a giant, monster-filled tower. Careful deck management and inventive combos will take you far, though you’re never more than a few iffy decisions away from disaster.

The titular tower is different on every run, so you’ll encounter new monsters and choose-your-own-adventure events every time. That said, you’ll seldom know what lies in wait for you within the next room, meaning it’s always best to assume the worst.

Every new run is a learning experience where you’ll pick up fresh skills and tactics to take with you into future attempts. It’s also ideal for players who enjoy card battlers but don’t want to get overly bogged down in deck building and pre-battle prep. It’s fast, fun, and perfect for on-the-go play.

3 The Almost Gone

The Almost Gone is a story-driven puzzler with a wonderful art style and a plot that’s not afraid to explore some fairly tricky topics. You’ll explore a series of stylish dioramas in search of clues that might ultimately allow you to piece together the events leading up to your present situation.

Puzzles here are mostly visual, meaning you’ll have to carefully scan your surroundings and examine even the most mundane of items to find the info you need. While the game’s world is initially welcoming, supernatural elements slowly begin to creep in and cause a stir.

It’ll appeal to those who don’t mind a slower-paced experience with a heavy emphasis on investigative gameplay.

4 The Academy: The First Riddle

If you’ve felt let down by any of the recent Harry Potter mobile games, The Academy: The First Riddle might just be what you’re looking for.

With a sizeable, visually impressive school to explore, lots of fun characters to meet, and a couple hundred puzzles to solve, it’s an ambitious title that will take you a good few hours to see through to the end.

Puzzles are varied and almost always tricky, though rarely to the point where they begin to frustrate. It also looks terrific, boasting a pleasant art style and plenty of detailed environments to become immersed in. Fans of the Professor Layton series and the world of Harry Potter will feel right at home with The Academy.

5 Trivia Royale

Trivia Royale sees you going up against 1000 other players in a battle royale quiz for the ages. Your general knowledge will be put to the test in intense 1v1 rounds, where you and your opponent will be represented by an emoji animation that captures and displays your expressions in real-time.

Right now, there are over 100,000 questions to tackle, with more being added daily. It’s fun to hop into for a few minutes at a time, though more competitive players will want to stick around to earn themselves a fancy crown and be declared the best of the bunch.

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